my name is rebecca.


Love ain’t a thing, love is a verb.

It’s good to be home.

I’m coming home:) in le lounge now. Why are the lounges everywhere else in the world so shit except Singapore? The only redeeming factor is this cola. LOOK ITS SO SMALL. It’s adorbz. But yea there is no decent hot food, everything looks a tad stale and the most appetizing thing here is cup noodles.

Can’t wait to go home for cheap, amazing food, my dog and my favourite man. My grandpaaaaa:)

Long time

I haven’t blogged in a whileeee. Life has been pretty busy- I moved house, made some new friends, started french classes, starting guitar and craft making classes. Planning new trips. Preparing for exams. Etc.

Where do i start? I couple months ago my apartment building got broken into. Not sure about the details because my building managers are pretty damn negligent but i heard the break-ins got to 2 floors. I’m on the top floor so i was fine but the whole thing was a little chaotic. I had a stalker issue last year and i’ve been paranoid about coming home late since. So my mother flew down and assessed my living standards and deemed it necessary that i move out asap after the lift broke down. 3 times. In the one week she was here. She chose a new building for me and I found my new nesting grounds. I love it don’t get me wrong. I just feel kind of isolated and super sheltered. I feel like i’m back in Singapore. Ideally i would’ve moved to a nice suburb and lived with some friends in a house or something.

But yeah. I’m not complaining my new place is very lovely. Just a little lonely. Otherwise, school and extra curricular classes(: Super fun. My teacher is tres sympa et jolie

au revoir mon ami

Ian and I went to St Kilda beach too by taking the tram from the city. It was prettttyyyyy awesome the sunset was beautiful. Mmm yeah it’s great having someone who i can bitch to about long distance. It sucks ok. Don’t do it. But we can’t stop/ we won’t stop.

Ian and Charlie + me at a pretty awesome château thing. It was mainly for the scones but the garden and the house was beauuuuuuutiful

My brother came over for the long weekend and we had an amazing time. Movie night in the botanical gardens (super sad cause everyone was a couple and we were like full on beast-moding on the popcorn by ourselves). We also went to lots of foodie hide outs like this one! It’s called Box on Collins and Mike ordered some insane seafood platter for three of us. bye bye Richie see you soon!


In many ways, I miss the good ol’ days

White night Melbourne! Was a little cramped but I had a great time anyway:) the virus exhibit at the la trobe reading room was quite interesting. It was an animated close up of different kinds of viruses- HIV, Polio, Herpes etc. but it was projected across the whole room with laser light. The effect was kind of pop-arty and psychedelic. We went to a couple other exhibits which were pretty cool too!! But I was so tired so Ian and I went back to find food and pass out.